Developable Shoes
Developable surfaces are surfaces that can be unfolded into the plane with no distortion. Although ubiquitous in our everyday surroundings, modeling them using existing tools requires significant geometric expertise and time. Our paper simplifies the modeling process by introducing an intuitive sketch-based approach for modeling developables. We develop an algorithm that given an arbitrary, user specified 3D polyline boundary, constructed using a sketching interface, generates a smooth discrete developable surface that interpolates this boundary. Our method utilizes the connection between developable surfaces and the convex hulls of their boundaries. The method explores the space of possible interpolating surfaces searching for a developable surface with desirable shape characteristics such as fairness and predictability. The algorithm is not restricted to any particular subset of developable surfaces. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method through a series of examples, from architectural design to garments.
Developable Shoes
Master's Thesis
Extends a lot of the explanation in the above paper, as well as showing some other examples.
Parameterized Cows
Alla Sheffer, Emil Praun, Kenneth Rose
We present a survey of recent methods for creating piecewise linear mappings between triangulations in 3D and simpler domains such as planar regions, simplicial complexes, and spheres. We also discuss emerging tools such as global parameterization, inter-surface mapping and parameterization with constraints. We start by describing the wide range of applications where parameterization tools have been used in recent years. We then briefly review the pertinent mathematical background and terminology, before proceeding to survey the existing parameterization techniques. Our survey summarizes the main ideas of each technique and discusses its main properties, comparing it to other methods available. Thus it aims to provide guidance to researchers and developers when assessing the suitability of different methods for various applications. This survey focuses on the practical aspects of the methods available, such as time complexity and robustness and shows multiple examples of parameterizations generated using different methods, allowing the reader to visually evaluate and compare the results.
Top Secret
As part of an OS course during my undergrad, I wrote a Mandelbrot generator as a user space program to test the hell out of our virtual memory implementation and file system. Lots of nice fractal images came out.
Top Secret
To see these projects of mine, you'll need special, high-level clearance. Just kidding, but there is a bunch of stuff here that I'd rather the entire Internet not see. If you're interested, and ask for a username / password.
Uniform Curvature Comb
As part of a series of enhancements to cross sections for Alias 2011, I implemented improvements to the visual quality of curvature combs on sections. As of Alias 2011, samples are uniformly spaced and the number of samples is user definable.