Bowen Island Hike (2007)

Hi! I'm Kenneth Rose. Welcome to my little home on the web — my own small corner of cyberspace.

I live in Toronto and work for Shopify as a Senior Tech Lead (aka Development Manager). I write the majority of my code in Ruby and Scala and I use the best text editor in the world to do it. Before Shopify, I worked at PagerDuty, SurfEasy, Kobo, and Autodesk writing C++ and Scala. At the risk of sounding like a cliche bullet point on a job desciption, I have a strong passion for good software design, scalable systems, and reusable software componentry.

Many years ago, I completed a Master's degree in Computer Science at UBC under the supervision of Dr. Alla Sheffer. My thesis dealt with a technique for generating developable surfaces, a class of surfaces that are practical for fashion, manufacturing, and architecture.

My Bachelor's degree was also in Computer Science and was completed at the University of Waterloo (B. Math). I participated in the co-op program there and held internships at Microsoft, Sybase, Mitra (now Agfa), and Net Integration Technologies (now IBM Lotus Foundations).

I am interested in many areas of computer science, but my two favourites are graphics and programming languages. I like graphics because I get to make pretty pictures and I like programming languages (particularly functional languages) because of their mathematical beauty. Though I use C++ day to day, I admit to having a secret crush on Haskell.

Outside of work, I enjoy maintaining an active life. I play squash and hockey year round, soccer in the summer, and I hit the gym whenever I can. I used to be into running, but my knees don't like that so much anymore.

See my portfolio for more information on what I have worked on in the past. Thanks once again for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy your time here.